15 Jul 2014   Business News, Product news

Kaspersky Lab survey finds half of financial institutions tolerate losses caused by cybercrime

According to a survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab together with B2B International in 2014, 52% of financial companies reimburse customer losses caused by Internet fraud without actually investigating the circumstances.

11 Jul 2014   Business News, Virus News

Kaspersky Lab contributes to global effort targeting Shylock malware

Kaspersky Lab contributes to global effort targeting Shylock malware

25 Jun 2014   Business News, Press Releases

Kaspersky Lab: Myths of Virtualization Security

When Kaspersky Lab asked business professionals about their “IT Security Priorities” for the next 12 months, 21% of Enterprise-level IT managers said securing virtualized infrastructure was one of the top 3 items on their “to-do” list.

12 Jun 2014   Business News

More than football: Kaspersky Lab introduces a new offer

As sports fans get ready for a festival of football in Brazil, Kaspersky Lab is introducing a unique bundle of Kaspersky Internet Security – multi-device 2014 and a brand new free-to-play* PC football game from Electronic Arts, the leading interactive entertainment software company, all for the standard market price of Kaspersky Lab’s products.

10 Jun 2014   Business News

Kaspersky Lab Shares its Expertise and Vision of the Future of Security with Partners

On May 27-28 Kaspersky Lab held its annual Emerging Markets Partner Conference, which took place in Marrakech, Morocco and brought together more than 100 visitors from 42 counties from the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe

28 May 2014   Business News

Ubisoft Consulted with Kaspersky Lab to Authenticate Watch Dogs Script

A team of Kaspersky Lab experts were consulted by the developers of the upcoming action-adventure game, Watch Dogs, set for release on May 27 worldwide by Ubisoft, a leading producer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products.

20 May 2014   Business News, Product news

Friend or Foe app: Keep your Facebook friends close — and your enemies closer, says Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab presents FriendOrFoe – a free app for Facebook that allows users to assess just how “valuable” their friends are, and even shows what others think of them.

15 May 2014   Business News

Kaspersky Lab Wins Info Security’s Global Excellence Award for Best Blog - Securelist

Kaspersky Lab announced today it has been awarded a gold award for Best Blog for Securelist in Info Security's Global Excellence Awards

22 Apr 2014   Business News, Product news

Kaspersky Lab Announces New Light Agent Virtualization Security, Bringing In-Depth Protection to More Virtual Platforms

Kaspersky Lab has announced its latest virtualization security solution, which delivers advanced protection to the VMware, Citrix, Microsoft virtualization platforms.

17 Apr 2014   Business News

Kaspersky Lab Reveals Strategic Plans for Expansion in Enterprise IT Security Market

New virtualization and fraud prevention solutions and other technologies driven by threat intelligence continue to strengthen Kaspersky Lab’s enterprise security portfolio

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