18 Jul 2014   Virus News

Number of the week: 113,500 new phishing wildcards every month

Kaspersky Lab has calculated how many new phishing wildcards it adds to the company’s anti-phishing database every month

11 Jul 2014   Business News, Virus News

Kaspersky Lab contributes to global effort targeting Shylock malware

Kaspersky Lab contributes to global effort targeting Shylock malware

10 Jul 2014   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab warns about cybercriminals who take advantage of cloud services

Although cloud-based file storage services have long been popular among Internet users, the indisputable convenience of such services is to some extent offset by a number of risks

08 Jul 2014   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab: Connected cars are now a reality, but are they secure?

Privacy, software updates and car-oriented mobile apps in connected cars are three areas where cybercriminals could potentially launch attacks

07 Jul 2014   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab Survey Shows increase in Targeted Attacks against business

In a survey of nearly 4,000 IT managers across 27 countries, Kaspersky Lab has found that targeted attacks on the rise year-over-year, and also identified the business sectors most likely to be targeted.

04 Jul 2014   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab informs that the Miniduke attacks are back in force

Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered that the old style Miniduke implants from 2013 are still around are being used in active campaigns that target governments and other entities.

03 Jul 2014   Corporate News, Press Releases, Virus News

Kaspersky Lab reports about rise in malware capable of stealing money

Users in Brazil, Russia and Italy were most frequently attacked by financial malware, according to Kaspersky Lab’s latest monthly report on online threats in the banking sector

30 Jun 2014   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab warns – do not get caught by ‘World Cup’ scams

Looking for live broadcasts on the Internet can cost money or leave a malicious programme on your computer

26 Jun 2014   Virus News

The Luuuk banking fraud campaign: half a million euros stolen in a single week

The experts at Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team have discovered evidence of a targeted attack against the clients of a large European bank

24 Jun 2014   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab discovers new Android and iOS mobile malware and maps HackingTeam’s command and control servers

Today, Kaspersky Lab published a new research report mapping a massive international infrastructure used to control ‘Remote Control System’ (RCS) malware implants, and identifying previously undiscovered mobile Trojans that work on both Android and iOS.

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