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Tablets can easily fall victim to Internet threats while you’re surfing the web or downloading the latest apps. Small and lightweight, they’re also easily lost or stolen. Seamlessly combining real-time antivirus protection with cutting-edge anti-theft technologies, Kaspersky Tablet Security is the must-have for all Android tablet users

Smartphones are the new hotspots for malware attacks. You face the same threats on your smartphone as you do on your PC, so you should protect it just as carefully

The Internet can be a great communication and learning tool for kids, but it can also expose them to inappropriate or dangerous websites. With Kaspersky Lab’s Parental Controls for smartphones and tablets, you can ensure your kids are safe online – even when you’re not there with them

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Learn moreTryBuy ZAR84.58

  • Real-Time Antivirus Protection with automatic virus-scanning of downloaded apps and cloud-enabled Internet threat protection for the fastest response to new threats
  • Anti-Theft Protection allows you to easily find, lock or wipe your missing tablet if it’s lost or stolen. You can even take a “mugshot” of the thief
  • Web Protection blocks malicious websites and links
  • Web Management allows you to remotely operate the anti-theft protection on your missing tablet – from any Internet-enabled device
  • Maximized for Performance with an optimized interface and minimal impact on system resources

Advanced protection for your smartphone

  • Real-Time Anti-Virus Protection with advanced cloud technology
  • Leading Anti-Theft Protection, allowing you to find, lock or wipe your missing phone – even if the SIM card has been replaced
  • Privacy Protection to control what others can see and access if they pick up your phone
  • Call & SMS Filtering to block unwanted calls and messages

For Android devices:

  • Web Filtering allows you to block sites that contain such content as porn, violence and drugs
  • App Control allows you to control which apps can be run on your family’s Android devices

For iPhone® and iPad®:

  • Safe Browser filters out sites with inappropriate content, such as those containing porn, violence and drugs
  • Tips & Tricks to help parents ensure their kids’ online safety using standard iOS tools