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Every business needs IT security, but one size doesn’t fit all.

From the corner coffee shop with no in-house IT skills all the way to the multi-national enterprise with massive IT teams, many of the threats faced are the same – but the resources, infrastructures and scales are vastly different.

Whether you’re running a single server and some mobile devices or you’re looking to protect mail servers, virtualized infrastructure and encrypt data, Kaspersky has a solution tailored exactly to your needs.

Answer these simple yes/no questions to find out which solution is the perfect fit for your business.


How many devices do you want to protect?

Did you know…?

More than 5000 Ferrari endpoints and systems are protected by the world’s IT specialists, Kaspersky.

On race weekends, Kaspersky technologies protect the more than 60Gb of data generated by each car and used in real-time simulations that feed decision-making on the track.

“Kaspersky’s ability to intercept malware not detected by other players and its flexibility to adapt to Ferrari’s requirements make for a compelling and innovative roadmap for future years.” - Ferrari Chief Information Officer Vittorio Boero

Which IT platforms do you use?

Did you know…?

39% of MacBook owners say they’ve never heard of ransomware and 30% say they didn’t know that dangerous malware can exploit vulnerabilities in software. Only 47% of MacBook owners and 59% of Mac desktop owners are securing their systems.*

Kaspersky solutions prevented 372,602 ransomware attacks in Q1 of 2016 alone – an increase of 30% on the previous quarter. 17% of these targeted the corporate sector and 2986 detected samples were developed to attack mobile devices. Our database now includes around 15000 ransomware modifications – and the number continues to grow.


Do you need to encrypt data on business/personal devices?

Did you know…?

In the first three months of 2016 alone, 348 data breaches exposed over 11 million records.* More than 816 million records have been compromised since 2005**

39% of small and medium sized businesses have lost confidential data following a cyberattack. Almost one-in-five companies surveyed by Kaspersky has suffered data loss as a direct result of device theft.***

* Identity Theft Resource Center, 2016

** Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

*** Kaspersky 2014 IT Security Risks Report

Do you need mail server protection?

Did you know…?

Email is the number one channel for crimeware installation* – between malicious attachments and links to websites serving malware, mail server security is one of the first ports of call in effective IT security.

In 2015, spam accounted for 55% of mail flows; over 146 million mails triggered Kaspersky’s anti-phishing systems.

34% of phishing attacks in 2015 targeted online financial organizations, including banks, payment systems and online stores.

*Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report 2016

Does your organization use virtualized infrastructure?

Did you know…?

64% of IT administrators say security should be one of the first considerations when implementing virtual infrastructure. But 46% believe they can protectvirtual infrastructure with existing, traditional security software.*

Virtual infrastructures face many of the same security threats as their physical counterparts. But they have very different requirements when it comes to both performance and efficiency. Traditional security software is agent-based and isn’t well suited to the demands of virtual environments.

* Kaspersky Global IT Risk Report 2014

Do you need dedicated software vulnerability assessment and patch management?

Did you know…?

Vulnerabilities in popular programs such as Java, Internet Explorer and Adobe are one of the biggest threats to information security. And it’s not necessarily the latest threats that are the problem: 44% of breaches came from well-known vulnerabilities between two and four years old* that hadn’t been patched.

Thanks to their widespread use online, ransomware is increasingly targeting vulnerabilities in Flash and Microsoft’s Silverlight to gain access to end user systems. The ability to prioritize patching and link to current threat are part of the most effective security risk mitigation plans.


Kaspersky Small Office Security is the perfect fit for your business

These solutions fulfil the security requirements of your business IT infrastructure

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business | Select

Protection and controls across all endpoints

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business | Advanced

Combining IT security and IT efficiency

Kaspersky Security for Mail Server

For Exchange, Linux & Lotus Domino

Kaspersky Security for Virtualization

Designed and optimized for virtual infrastructures

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