Kaspersky Whitelisting

Kaspersky Whitelisting is a technology designed to provide third-party solutions and services with systematic knowledge of legitimate software. Besides, Whitelisting technology enables our technol-ogy partners' solutions to adopt the Whitelist Security Approach, allowing them to boost anti-virus performance and protect the users from targeted attacks.

Thanks to its versatility, Kaspersky Whitelisting is perfect for use in the following scenarios:

  • Build Application Control System
  • Implement both Default Allow and Default Deny Scenarios
  • Create Additional Filtering Level
  • Gather Security Intelligence
  • Perform Software Categorization

A dedicated Dynamic Whitelist database has been created as part of the Whitelist Security Approach. It lists the programs that have already been checked and are guaranteed to be legitimate and safe.
Kaspersky Whitelist database includes:

  • Reputations of application files
  • Advanced categorization of legitimate software
  • Covers up to 96% of consumer software and 94% of corporate software
  • All-around information about the application files gathered by Kaspersky Security Network: Verdict, Software Category, Product name, Application signature, File popularity, etc.

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