Cybersecurity awareness for kids

Kaspersky Lab and Midori Kuma came to South Africa to educate children about the importance of online safety.

Midori Kuma was in Johannesburg 01st August 2017 as part of his world trip. During the stop, he helped teach kids about online safety at our #KasperskySafeKids event in Johannesburg.

The event, held with our partner Active Education, focused on the dangers that children can face online, how they can stay safe and things that they should avoid. During the course of the day, members of the staff discussed Cyberbullying and cyber safety for kids.

It is important for parents to continue to help educate their children outside of events like we held. Here are some helpful articles for parents:

After a great week of educating the future generation on security in Johannesburg and Cape Town, Midori Kuma took time to take in the area’s landscape. Where will Midori go next? Find out by following along with his adventures on Instagram.