Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 202

On this edition of the Kaspersky podcast, Dave and Jeff discuss the latest with DarkSide, the Bizarro banking Trojan, why you should patch, and more.

Welcome to episode 202 of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast. While much of the cyberworld will be juggling sales pitches and panels at RSA, we’re focusing on stories that will have more of an immediate impact on your security needs.

We open the episode discussing the latest with DarkSide. Are they dead? Did they hit Toshiba?

Moving along, we discuss the reemergence of Fin7 and its posing as a legitimate cybersecurity research firm. Staying on the topic of crime, but in sunny Brazil, the LatAm arm of our Global Research and Analysis team (GReAT) takes a look at an emergent financial Trojan called Bizarro. I chat with Fabio Assolini from the team to see why people should care and why the region is such a hotbed of financial crime.

Then it’s the latest in the DC Police vs. Babuk. It seems police tried to negotiate a ransom, but the crooks were not too interested. We then take a look at the need for patching at home and the office with Maria Namestnikova of GReAT Russia.

To close out the podcast we discuss a new texting scam involving deliveries in the UK and a lot of money lost.

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