Our unique experience and knowledge

The rapid proliferation of new technologies provides people with new opportunities. However, the resultant, growing dependence on IT makes cybersecurity not just the responsibility of IT-specialists, but also one of the main concerns for business leaders across all industries. As the world has become more digitized and globalized, we at Kaspersky have become a technology leader with an advanced and comprehensive portfolio of security solutions and services, including innovative products and technologies, cloud services and world-leading threat intelligence. Now our business focus is continuing to evolve from “cybersecurity” towards the wider concept of “cyber-immunity”.

We have been able to implement this brand-new concept thanks to our rich experience and our professional team’s work. More than a third of the highly qualified specialists working at Kaspersky are research and development (R&D) specialists developing and maintaining all of our solutions in-house, which is key to providing a holistic approach to security. An elite group of more than 40 security experts from our Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) operate all around the world and provide leading threat intelligence and research. The team is well-known for the discovery and dissection of some of the world’s most sophisticated threats, including cyber-espionage and cyber-sabotage threats.

To record the groundbreaking malicious cyber-campaigns that have been investigated by GReAT, Kaspersky launched a Targeted Cyberattack Logbook. Although our key expertise is related to cyberthreats, we fight against them not only to ensure that our customers are protected now, but so that our solutions are also ready for new challenges in the future. Today, it is more important for us to use this accumulated expertise to create technologies that will make cyberthreats lose their relevance.