Designed to help you protect your kids online and beyond

  • Manage their  screen time
    Manage their
    screen time
  • View their location & battery level
    View their location &
    battery level
  • Block bad YouTube search requests
    Block bad YouTube search requests new
  • How to get started – on PC, Mac & mobile

    • Kaspersky Safe Kids includes an app for your child and a parent app which get connected via your My Kaspersky account
    • An app on your kid’s device helps you regulate your child’s activities
    • An app on your mobile lets you see reports and customize settings
    • You can also manage your child’s app settings and check reports via your My Kaspersky account
    parental control app to monitor child’s communication
  • How it keeps your kids safe online

    • Allows you to block access to adult websites and content*
    • Blocks harmful YouTube search requests on topics like drugs & alcohol
    • Helps you manage access to games & inappropriate apps*
    • Lets you manage their screen time by device*
    • Reports on their public Facebook activity, including their posts and newly added friends
    • Shares expert advice and tips from child psychologists on online topics
    Internet safety for kids
  • How it helps you protect your kids in the real world

    • Uses a GPS tracker so you can locate their whereabouts on a real-time online map
    • Lets you define a safe area for them to stay in and alerts you instantly if they step beyond it
    • Tells you when they’re running low on battery so you can warn them to plug in
    gps tracker for kids safety

    Kaspersky Safe Kids – endorsed by leading independent experts.

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