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13 June 2024 - Corporate News
Observing Youth Day on the 16th of June serves as a keen reminder of the importance of encompassing development of our youth and an advent of this is also teaching children about online safety. This is especially important given how Kaspersky research has found (based on certain key words used) that the number of cyberattack attempts targeting children grew by 35% (1.3 million attempts) in the first quarter of 2024 compared to the same period of the last year.
11 June 2024 - Corporate News
Recently, there have been a number of news items about data leaks, such as those from Santander and Ticketmaster. In fact, data leaks are a constant issue, affecting a range of industries from banking to logistics companies, online stores, entertainment, and more. Companies usually try to protect affected clients, but individuals can also take steps on their side to improve digital security. Kaspersky experts give advice on what to do if your personal data was leaked.
05 June 2024 - Corporate News
Over one-third (39%) of geographically distributed companies in the Middle East, Turkiye and Africa (META) region identify building and maintaining a cohesive IT infrastructure across multiple sites as their primary concern, according to a new Kaspersky survey. At the same time, 23% of businesses surveyed consider ensuring comprehensive information protection of all their offices the most significant challenge.
03 June 2024 - Corporate News
Phishing attacks are among the most widespread and effective tactics used by cybercriminals against business. These schemes aim to deceive employees into disclosing sensitive information, such as login credentials or financial data, by posing as legitimate sources. While phishing attacks come in various forms, they often target corporate email systems due to the wealth of valuable information they hold. To assist businesses in bolstering their defenses against potential breaches, Kaspersky is unveiling the anatomy of a phishing attack.
31 May 2024 - Corporate News
According to Kaspersky's findings, 87% of parents globally believe they are primarily responsible for regulating their children’s digital behaviour. To assist parents in effectively managing their children's online engagement, Kaspersky conducts an annual review of children's online interests. The analysis is based on anonymised data search queries, voluntarily provided by Kaspersky Safe Kids users. This year we’ve analysed requests data for both mobile (Android) and desktop platforms (Windows).
30 May 2024 - Corporate News
According to Kaspersky statistics, in the first quarter of 2024, the percentage of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) computers globally on which malicious objects were blocked decreased by 1.3 percentage points (pp) from the first quarter of the previous year - to 24.4%. In Africa the amount of malware remained almost unchanged, on a level much higher compared to other regions - 32.4% of ICS computers in Africa faced cyberthreats in the first quarter of 2024. In South Africa the figures are 23.5% in Q1 2023 and 25.5% in Q1 2024, Kenya – 28.1% and 30.5%, while in Nigeria – the figures grew from 25.3% to 28%.
23 May 2024 - Corporate News
Kaspersky held its biggest partner conference for the Middle East, Turkiye and Africa (META) region, where more than 115 partner attendees from more than 65 companies gathered in the middle of May in Phuket, Thailand. The company reported successful growth in the META region in 2023, with 19% B2B growth. During the conference, top Kaspersky executives presented cybersecurity industry developments, the company’s innovative solutions and future vision.
21 May 2024 - Press Releases
A large number of companies around the world have introduced strict security policies that do not allow cloud cybersecurity training solutions due to their infrastructure, regulation and compliance, or levels of confidentiality. To help these customers enhance the cybersecurity skills of their employees, Kaspersky has introduced an on-premises model of its award-winning Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform (ASAP). With the power to operate without the use of the Internet, the platform offers companies full control over their data and infrastructure.
16 May 2024 - Corporate News
Kaspersky has announced a significant update to its Kaspersky Security for Mail Server, designed to strengthen systems against emerging email threats. The latest version of Kaspersky Security for Mail Server features advanced functionality for content filtering, quarantine management, and enhanced visibility for Security Operations Centers (SOC).
06 May 2024 - Corporate News
Kaspersky has announced that its new solution, Kaspersky Extended Detection and Response (XDR), is now available to customers after a successful evaluation phase with early adopters in a test environment. Companies can now seamlessly integrate this advanced product into their infrastructure under its new name, ‘Kaspersky Next XDR Expert’.
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