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Many businesses today struggle to find the expertise and resources needed to track down cyberthreats heading their way, and to respond appropriately. Security teams can be overwhelmed by managing systems and tools, leaving little time for thorough investigation and analysis. Additionally, even an in-house SOC often requires an external perspective on the infrastructure and insights from an international team of experts to assess the situation and receive recommendations for further actions. That’s where Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response (MDR) steps in.

Leading features of Kaspersky MDR

For organizations of every size and industries with varying IT security maturity levels.

  • 24x7 security monitoring
    Around-the-clock monitoring of an organization's IT environment.
  • Threat hunting and incident investigation
    Proactive search for signs of compromise within the infrastructure.
  • Advanced response scenarios
    Guided response procedures and remote response actions to mitigate the threat.
  • Direct access to Kaspersky’s SOC analysts
    Additional insights, guidance, and support to ensure an effective response to complex threats.
  • Submit custom incidents
    Manual reporting of suspected compromises to the Kaspersky MDR portal.
  • Compatibility with third-party EPP applications
    This configuration allows installing third-party EPP applications and deploying Kaspersky MDR service in the infrastructure of the organization.

Key benefits

Round-the-clock managed protection against today’s evasive threats

  • Patented machine-learning models, unique threat intelligence and a proven track record of effective targeted attack research ensure continuous defense against even the most complex threats

  • Fully managed ongoing detection, prioritization, investigation and response - preventing business disruption and minimizing the overall impact of any incident

  • Complete visibility into all observed malicious activities and your existing protection status ensures you have ongoing real-time situational awareness.

The flexibility to suit every industry sector and organizational need

  • Fast, scalable turnkey deployment delivers an instantly matured IT security function without the need to invest in additional staff or expertise

  • Automated or guided incident response provides a swift reaction while keeping all response actions within your full control

  • Extended functionality and flexibility for mature IT security teams. Off load your incident triage and investigation processes to Kaspersky, and focus your expensive in-house resources on reacting to the critical outcomes delivered.

Cost-effective and cost-justified IT security investment

  • The reassurance of knowing you’re continuously protected against even the most innovative threats

  • The capacity to manage complex incidents, minimizing the associated overheads without having to employ and train in-house security specialists.

  • All the major advantages of having your internal security expert team, with none of the associated costs, complexities or resource commitments.

Global expertise

Kaspersky MDR is provided by a team of international experts who holds numerous certifications that confirm their high level of expertise and knowledge.

Resource center

Additional services

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