Risk mitigation in an era of digital transformation

Digital transformation is key to future success for large organizations and government bodies. There are major benefits, but protecting a highly digitized infrastructure offers significant new challenges. Our comprehensive Threat Management and Defense solution adapts to the specifics of your organization and the ongoing processes of providing information security, enabling you to build a unified methodology for complete corporate protection against advanced threats and unique targeted attacks.

What We Offer

Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense delivers a unique combination of leading technologies and services which support the implementation of an Adaptive Security Strategy - helping your security team to Prevent most attacks, Detect unique new threats rapidly, Respond to live incidents and Predict future threats.

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reduce the risk of advanced threats and targeted attacks

    reduce the risk of advanced threats and targeted attacks

    Harden your systems, using integrated security solutions and tools

    Ensure your employees and security team are aware of threats and IT security trends

  • DETECT –
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identify activities that could signal a targeted attack

    DETECT –
    identify activities that could signal a targeted attack

    Discover existing security breaches and attempts to penetrate your network

    Confirm security incidents, assess severity and prioritize your response

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close security gaps
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and investigate
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    close security gaps
    and investigate

    Take immediate action to mitigate the consequences of a ‘live’ attack

    Conduct investigations – including deep-level forensic processes

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where and how new targeted attacks could ocurr

    where and how new targeted attacks could ocurr

    Assess potential security gaps across your corporate network

    Improve security using Threat Intelligence to guard against future threats

In Use

A comprehensive cybersecurity strategy for the digital age

Adopting an adaptive security approach significantly reduces the risk of attacks and the resultant damage. Most threats can be identified through analytics and preventive technologies, while others are detected and rendered harmless much faster than through traditional approaches to protection. Kaspersky Lab's Threat Management and Defense solution means you can develop and implement your own adaptive cybersecurity model right now.

A Security Operations Center powered by Threat Intelligence

The role of the Security Operations Center (SOC) isn't limited to identifying advanced threats. The SOC should be providing a full cycle of protection against targeted attacks: from counteraction and detection to response, elimination of vulnerabilities and forecasting of possible risks. Within the framework of Threat Management and Defense, Kaspersky Lab offers a whole arsenal of security technologies and services for assistance at every stage of this cycle, helping to establish SOC efficiency.

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Targeted Attack Risk Mitigation

Successful 'kill chain' disruption requires the full implementation of our HuMachine intelligence. To enable this we offer, in addition to the Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack platform and other targeted security solutions, the delivery of reliable sources of threat intelligence fed directly into your SOC – and expert services to complement and enhance the skills of your Security Officers, helping them tackle even the most complex areas of the mitigation process.

Adaptive Security Framework

Prediction and Prevention work to stop an incident before it evolves into an accident. Detection and Response define the discovery and remediation of an accident. In this paradigm, each subsequent stage requires greater resource consumption to react than it does in the preceding stage. Too often, security receives the budget it is perceived to deserve, not the budget it actually needs. Security must be highly prioritized and significantly invested in to ensure successful deployment and a strong RTO.

Premium Support and Professional Services

Professional help is available whenever you need it. Operating in more than 200 countries, from 34 offices worldwide, we have you covered 24/7/365. Take advantage of our Premium support packages, or call on our Professional Services to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from your Kaspersky Lab security installation.

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The Risk

Targeted attacks, including Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), are some of the most dangerous risks to your enterprise. But while threats – and the techniques cybercriminals use – are constantly evolving, too many businesses still rely on yesterday’s security technologies to protect against today’s threats. They are left exposed to:

  • The unpredictable results of a successfully compromised system

  • A direct and reactive spend of up to $1m after a single incident

  • The lack of ability to respond to and qualify the modern threat landscape

  • Stealth attacks: undetectable data and business process manipulation

  • A lack of visibility over corporate network and IT issues

  • A low outcome from investment into traditional security solutions

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