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Kaspersky Next XDR Expert

Enhanced threat detection, automated response, and real-time visibility – Kaspersky XDR delivers ultimate cybersecurity for proactive defense against cyberthreats.


Seamlessly integrating with your existing security controls, Kaspersky XDR maximizes the effectiveness of your security infrastructure, boosting your threat detection capabilities with automated response and real-time visibility.

It delivers deep insights into evolving cyberthreats targeting your business, and its scalable architecture adapts effortlessly to your needs, ensuring continuous protection for your critical assets.

Kaspersky XDR’s unmatched security measures, including advanced threat detection and automated response actions, provide the ultimate solution for securing your organization’s digital assets – today and in the future.

As part of the Kaspersky Next product line, we have introduced Kaspersky Next XDR Expert, a solution that embodies Kaspersky's XDR approach and provides an all-encompassing view of a company's security.
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Unleash Superior Endpoint Protection
Experience unparalleled protection with Kaspersky XDR, powered by the industry's most tested and award-winning Kaspersky Endpoint Protection solution.
Harness the power of integrations
Kaspersky XDR seamlessly integrates with a vast array of third-party security solutions, empowering you to build a unified security ecosystem.
Leverage leading Threat Intelligence
Stay one step ahead of adversaries with our Kaspersky XDR enriched by leading Threat Intelligence. Gain real-time insights, global threat trends, and actionable intelligence to proactively detect and respond to emerging threats.
Drive efficiency with automation
Supercharge your incident response capabilities with advanced automation features embedded in Kaspersky XDR. Leverage automated playbooks, intelligent workflows, and response actions to streamline your security operations and reduce mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR).
Ensure compliance and certification readiness
Kaspersky XDR provides comprehensive support for regulatory compliance and certification requirements. Simplify audits and demonstrate adherence to industry standards, centralized log management, and robust reporting capabilities.
Benefit from 24*7*365 premium support
Our dedicated team of security experts is available round-the-clock to provide premium support for Kaspersky XDR. Whether you require guidance, troubleshooting, or proactive assistance, our knowledgeable professionals are always ready to address your security challenges promptly and effectively.

Architecture and components

Effectively handles alerts, investigates incidents, and coordinates collaborative workflows. Kaspersky XDR enables users to triage alerts, enrich data, manually trigger response actions, and tag incidents using MITRE ATTACK Matrix.

Awards and recognitions

Kaspersky products are regularly assessed by world-leading research firms and our ability to help companies and customers protect themselves and thrive in the face of change has been widely recognized - and proven.
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Kaspersky named a Leader

ISG Provider Lens Cybersecurity Solutions & Services (XDR stream) Brazil 2023

Kaspersky certified

ICSA Labs: Advanced Threat Defense test

Kaspersky proves to be effective and achieved AAA Awards

SE Labs Breach Response Test

Kaspersky named a Major Player

Modern Endpoint Security for Enterprise and SMB

Kaspersky named a Top player

Radicati APT Protection Market Quadrant 2022


Any organization struggling to deal with complex threats, especially in the following industries:

Finance Services
24/7 Premium support and services
Professional help is available whenever you need it. Operating in more than 200 countries, from 34 offices worldwide, we have you covered 24/7/365. Take advantage of our Premium support packages, or call on our Professional Services to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from your Kaspersky security installation.

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