Phishing URL Data Feed

Real time protection from phishing attacks and threats.

Phishing is one of the most dangerous and effective online fraud methods in existence today. It uses fake websites to swipe user logins and passwords to hijack their online accounts and then steal money or spread spam and malware through compromised email accounts and social networking platforms. It is a very powerful tool used by online attackers, and the number of phishing incidents grows each year.

The Facts on Phishing:

  • Emails with phishing links are sent to millions of people worldwide
  • Thousands of phishing sites appear every day
  • Some phishing sites stay online just for several hours after their creation; few stay online for more than 1-2 days
  • Phishers uses social engineering to deceive users and exploit poor usability of current web technologies
  • The exponential growth of mobile users leads phishers to focus their attacks to mobile platforms as well

Common targets for phishing attacks:

  • Banks
  • Online stores
  • Payment systems
  • Email and search portals
  • Social networking sites
  • ISPs
  • Online game communities
  • Others (IT vendors, providers, government institutions, mass media, etc.)

As a result of phishing attacks companies suffer large financial losses and damaged reputation.

Kaspersky Anti-Phishing Feeds

Kaspersky Phishing URL Data Feed offers real-time updated feed of confirmed phishing URLs, masks and IPs, providing our partners with deep coverage, high accuracy and reliable detection of increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks, and ensuring instant reaction to dynamically generated phishing domains and URLs as well as phishing outbreaks.

Kaspersky Phishing URL Data Feed is well suited for both small network appliances and high-performance mission-critical gateways/servers as well as for content filtering/internet security vendors, anti-spam, ISP’s and web-hosting companies. It is completely agnostic to software or hardware design and can be successfully implemented on proprietary (non-x86/Linux) platforms.

Diverse detection technologies are used to form the feed:

  • Kaspersky Security Network statistics (including mobile);
  • Email honeypots;
  • Internet transactions and new domain registrations;
  • Web crawler;
  • Partner alliances;
  • KL expert systems;
  • Powerful heuristics engines;
  • Expert analysis;
  • Content analysis.


The technology is backed by professional technological partnership support services with a simple and secure data feed delivery process and its automation.

The worldwide coverage of Kaspersky Security Network, combined with KL detection technologies ensures maximum protection from any kind of phishing attacks and threats.

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