Password Manager

Gives you easy access to your accounts, plus a secure digital vault for your passport, driver’s license, bank cards & other personal data.
Unlimited Devices

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Security. Speed. Convenience.

  • All your data – secured and in one place

  • Autofill your login details

  • Sync & access from PC, mobile and tablets

  • All your passwords, documents & data. All in one place. Always to hand.

    • Access your vault with a master password – or your fingerprint on your mobiles
    • Get Zero-Knowledge security – Kaspersky knows nothing about your data
    • Organize your data in folders so it’s easy to find what you need
    • Import your login details previously stored in your browsers
    • Get to everything on your Windows, Mac, iOS & Android devices with one license
  • Save time & hassle whether you’re shopping, banking or studying – or filling out boring forms.

    • Get automatically logged into your accounts
    • Receive strong and unique passwords when you create new accounts
    • Get your addresses autofilled to save you entering them manually*
    • Have us input your bank card details securely*
    • Use our auto-detect technology to quickly find docs in your Photo Gallery*

    * for PC and Mac only. Will be available for mobile soon.
    For correct operation, please use the latest version of Kaspersky Password Manager on all your devices.

  • Advanced password management that prioritizes your online safety.

    • Notifies you if you’re using easy-to-crack passwords
    • Alerts you if have duplicate passwords that could leave you vulnerable
    • Uses a secure Password Generator to give you strong new passwords
    • Auto-clears your clipboard after you’ve used it to keep your data safe


Remember just one password to decrypt your vault