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Do You Need a Tracking Device for Your Kid?

Do You Need a Tracking Device for Your Kid?

Tracking devices in the marketplace today have both positive and negative connotations. For starters, many people find it a bit creepy when their phone sends them messages, advertising and suggestions based on their current location. Of course, by now we all know that the phone’s system software and quite a few apps are simply utilizing the phone’s GPS to apply targeted and personalized services.

Additionally, the tracking feature “Find My Phone” and similar tracking apps certainly come in handy at times. There are also tracking devices available for your car, for possessions you want to ensure you don’t lose and even for your pets. But what about a device for kids? Yes, there are tracking devices for kids as well and they typically offer more functionality than using your child’s phone apps to keep track of their whereabouts.

But you might be pondering the question, “Do you need a tracking device for kids?” If you are at all concerned about your child’s safety and wellbeing, then the answer is a definitive yes. And here’s why…

Why You Need a Tracking Device for Kids

It is certainly understandable that your child will want to be able to do as they wish freely, without the feeling that they are being tracked all the time by their parents. But the unfortunate reality is that we live in a dangerous society. Even in seemingly safe neighborhoods, children can suddenly go missing.

Young children especially like to wander away from their parents when they spot something interesting. You could be perusing the shelves at a grocery store for just a moment and when you turn around, your child is gone. As a parent, you have probably experienced this many times, along with the fear and anxiety that accompanies such a moment. A tracking device for kids grants you the peace of mind of knowing where your child is when this happens, as well as when they are out with friends in the neighborhood.

Tracking devices for kids provide you with real-time GPS details of your child’s location. This is an extremely useful tool when your child is walking to a friend’s house or home from school, biking in the neighborhood or any other instance where your child’s current whereabouts could be uncertain.


Improved Safety Features

Some advanced GPS tracking devices for kids also enable a contact option, enabling you to contact your child, if necessary, either by call, chat or text. Some also allow the child to quickly call 911 in an emergency. This is an especially useful option if your child doesn’t have a mobile device. In fact, equipping a young child with a GPS tracker with this capability instead of a smartphone is a smart idea.

Smartphones can expose young children to all manner of hidden dangers on the Internet. They also make it easy for malicious strangers to contact your child, who may be unaware of the dark implications of such contact.

Another smart feature found in GPS trackers is setting parameters for a particular area that your child should remain in. If your child leaves that area, you’ll receive an alert immediately. This feature saves you the trouble of having to constantly monitor your child’s location. For example, it can be useful for letting you know if your child is leaving school early or is attempting to go somewhere they are not supposed to be. Then you can utilize the contact feature to inquire as to where your child is going.

How Old Does Your Child Need To Be Before Giving Them a Tracking Device?

When you consider that very young children (ages seven and up) are being given tablets and smartphones, it shouldn’t be that difficult to imagine that they could better benefit from a tracking device for kids. Many young children participate in after-school activities and, as mentioned earlier, also tend to wander. Getting them a GPS tracker eliminates the need to provide them with a smartphone too early.

Older children and teenagers can also benefit from a tracking device. They might protest a bit, but safety is more important. And, with the peace of mind of knowing you can check in on your child when you need to, you can actually help encourage their independence, which they will certainly appreciate.

Is It Legal to Track Your Child?

You may have this question if you have seen reports of people being tracked without consent. Such situations are completely different than ensuring the safety of your own child. So long as your child is under the age of 18 and you are their parent or legal guardian, you have a complete legal right to use a GPS tracking device to track their location. You also have the right to grant permission to others, such as teachers, babysitters or their grandparents, to access the GPS tracking information.

In Conclusion

There are some who don’t agree that a GPS tracking device for kids is necessary. But you can let them worry about their own kids, while you alleviate some of the worries with your own. Remember the reality of the world we live in today and the many existing dangers that young children aren’t even aware of yet. A GPS tracking device can be a very important tool in helping to keep your child safe.

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Do You Need a Tracking Device for Your Kid?

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