Kaspersky Scan Engine

Kaspersky Scan Engine is a server-side security solution that provides anti-virus protection, HTTP traffic scanning, and file and URL reputation checking for third parties’ client-side solutions.

Kaspersky Scan Engine delivers comprehensive protection from malware, trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware, and adware for a wide range of devices. It can be used with various products and services including desktop applications, server solutions, proxy servers, and mail gateways.

Based on Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software Development Kit 8 Level 3 (KAV SDK) and the award-winning Kaspersky Anti-Virus Engine, Kaspersky Scan Engine employs all the newest methods of detection and removing various types of malware.

Key functions of Kaspersky Scan Engine

Kaspersky Scan Engine can work in one of two modes:

  • REST-like service that receives HTTP requests from client applications, scans objects passed in these requests, and sends back HTTP responses with scan results.
  • ICAP server that scans HTTP traffic that passes through a proxy server and URLs that are requested by users and filters out web page that contain malicious content.

Kaspersky Scan Engine also includes a graphical user interface that allows you to easily configure the product behavior, review its service events, and scan results.

Usage Scenarios

  • Protection of data repositories and workflow systems from malware.
  • Scanning of files uploaded by the end-users to the customer’s web portal. KSE enables the embedding of uploads scanning procedure into any segment of the chain of files delivery from the end-users to the customer.
  • Automated users’ file scanning via ICAP protocol. Both the files and the links the users try to access are scanned.
  • Deployment of a local web service for scanning of files and links. Objects scanning doesn’t require the presence of a client on the endpoints.
  • Integration with any third party object scanning applications.

Key Functionality

  • Award-wining Kaspersky anti-malware technology provides the best-in-class malware detection rates and can instantaneously react to emerging threats.
  • Kaspersky Security Network (Kaspersky Security Network) provides information about the reputation of files and Internet resources, ensures that Kaspersky applications react to threats faster without waiting for an application database update, and reduces the likelihood of false positives.
  • Filters out malicious, phishing, and adware URLs.
  • Detection of multi-packed objects and objects packed using “grey” compression utilities (frequently used for hiding malicious programs from anti-virus software).
  • Advanced heuristics analyzer and machine learning-based detection technologies.
  • Disinfection of infected files, archives, and encoded objects.
  • Updatable Anti-Virus engine: detection technologies and processing logic can be upgraded or modified through regular updates of the anti-virus database.
  • Kaspersky Scan Engine natively supports multithreading and can process several tasks simultaneously. You can adjust the number of scanning processes and threads to increase performance of Kaspersky Scan Engine.
  • Additional filtering layer is made possible by the Format Recognizer component. You can use this component to recognize and skip files of certain formats during the scanning process. Dozens of formats are supported, including executable, office, media files, and archives.
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) for management and monitoring:
    • Lets you configure application settings and manage the application.
    • Lets you monitor the application operating status, status of the used key file or activation code, and the number of scanned and detected objects.
    • Provides information about all scanned objects on a dashboard. Scan results can be imported in CSV format.
  • Ease of installation and configuration, and no development is needed with out-of-the box installation. The solution will be running within minutes.
  • Reporting features:
    • Important application events are sent to Syslog in CEF format.
    • All service events are visible on the GUI dashboard.
  • Maintenance features:
    • Anti-virus database updates are automatic. Kaspersky Scan Engine automatically restores corrupted databases.
    • Easy collection of product traces with the GUI.
    • Option to use online activation. With online activation, licensing information for Kaspersky Scan Engine is updated automatically.
  • Fault-tolerant and resilient architecture.
  • Source code for HTTP client and ICAP service are provided in the distribution kit for customization.
  • Comprehensive documentation and cross-platform API support. Similar APIs for Linux/UNIX and Windows versions.
  • Option to minimize external traffic by creating local mirror server for the anti-virus database (additional tool needed).

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