Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway

Security for Internet Gateway

Secure Internet access for your employees

Working with the World Wide Web is critical to the majority of today's businesses. Your corporate internet gateway doesn't just give access to internet resources for your employees - it also provides an entry point for cyberthreats out to target them through social engineering, and to attack your endpoints with sophisticated malware. Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateways offers significant risk reduction in areas including infection, data leaks and internet distractions.

  • Provides multi-layered gateway-level protection against the latest web-based threats
  • Blocks infections before they can reach your endpoints
  • Negates the effects of social engineering
  • Readily complements your existing gateway-level defenses
  • Reduces your exposure to attack by controlling internet resource usage
  • Supports and assists regulatory compliance initiatives
  • Allows the management of multiple independent workspaces
  • Helps detect advanced attacks and provides an automated response

Enter Desktops from 0 to 0

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A strategically placed layer of corporate cybersecurity

Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway exploits the role of the proxy server as a natural bottleneck for web traffic passing between the corporate infrastructure and the outside world, protecting your corporate IT network by containing threats early and reducing your threat exposure. The breadth of features provided to achieve this, the ease of use and the unsurpassed quality of protection makes Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway a sure step on your way to attaining cyber-immunity.