Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway

Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway

Secure internet access for your employees

A secure gateway remains the first line of defense for the majority of corporate security scenarios. As a natural bottleneck for all traffic passing between the corporate infrastructure and the outside world, gateways offer excellent capabilities for containing threats early and with relatively little effort.

Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway is crucial for protection against web-based threats at the level of the corporate defensive perimeter, while helping to reduce the risks associated with uncontrolled internet usage and document sharing.

    • Reduces disruption to business continuity

      By blocking to 95% of incoming threats, Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway can greatly reduce levels of business disruption caused by infections.

    • Helps counter the effects of social engineering

      By countering web-based threats at gateway level, Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway prevents cyber-criminals from being able to reach employees, thus neutralizing their most popular attack technique: social engineering.

    • Stops endpoint-targeting attacks in their tracks

      Many aggressive attack techniques and scenarios specifically target endpoints, leveraging their weaknesses and looking for the data they may contain. These include exploits for software vulnerabilities, and the types of malware which typically use them - including spyware, ransomware and wipers. By stopping these threats at an earlier stage, Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway negates any attack advantages they are designed to leverage at endpoint level.

    • The internet shaped to your business needs

      Restricting access to certain websites, and categories of website, reduces your exposure to risk while boosting employee productivity.

    • Re-structures and expands alongside your business

      Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway scales to your needs, however much your traffic levels increase. Its ability to handle multiple independent workspaces makes it ideal for diversified businesses, and for Managed Services Providers.

    • Boosts security without compromising on performance or generating false positives.

      Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway is perfect for use alongside your existing security solution, should your organization need to boost its defenses. Engage the help of the industry’s most secure and most tested threat protection engines – without adding false positives along the way.

  • Detection techniques

    • Next-Gen anti-malware

      Industry-proven, multi-layered security, combining precise detection and proactive, machine learning-powered methods for blocking malware threats including bots, Trojans, worms, malware for mobile devices, keyloggers and crimeware.

    • File and URL reputations

      Reputation filtering technology detects suspicious and unwanted files or URLs, based on reputations updated in real time from Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) or Kaspersky Private Security Network.

    • Script detection

      Any malicious presence on web pages or in Office/PDF documents is detected, and the page or file blocked from opening.

    System hardening and risk reduction

    • Content filtering

      The ability to block files downloaded from the web. Content is filtered by name, extension (format recognizer is used), size, mime type and hash.

    • Web control with categorization

      A vast database of URLs, divided into over 40 categories, allows granular restrictions in web resource access. Blocking URLs doesn’t require ‘SSL bumping corporate man-in-the-middle’, even if the traffic is SSL-encrypted.

    Integration with external systems

    • Active Directory Integration

      Integrated with Microsoft Active Directory and Global Catalog for straightforward traffic processing rules creation.

    • Kaspersky Anti-Targeted Attack Integration

      Serving as web sensors, Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway applications enrich the data feeding your Kaspersky Anti-Targeted Attack intelligent detection powerhouse, facilitating the discovery of sophisticated, focused cyberattacks.

    Cloud-based global threat intelligence

    • Powered by Kaspersky Security Network (KSN)

      Queries our sophisticated global threat system on unknown, suspicious objects and addresses, enabling an immediate response to newly emerged threats.

    • Privacy assured with Kaspersky Private Security Network

      Kaspersky Private Security Network users enjoy all the advantages of KSN without any information being sent to the cloud.

    • Immediately actionable threat intelligence

      Where Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway applications are used together with Kaspersky Private Security Network and Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack, the latter’s detection verdicts immediately become actionable by the gateway security solution.


    • Web dashboard

      Real-time representation of all gateway-level security events, enabling IT specialists to react promptly to the network situation and explore web activities.

    • Role-based Access Control

      Different administration roles, and their various access rights and levels, can be defined. This is particularly helpful for organizations with a complex office/departmental structure and for Managed Service Providers wishing to offer defined areas of visibility to their tenants.

    • Event management

      Threat analysis results are presented using an event-centric approach, showing real-time activity. User internet behavior can also be analyzed.

    • SIEM integration

      SIEM (Security Information Event Management) systems can collect information about internet gateway threat events through syslog, including in CEF format - adding gateway security context to your infrastructure-wide detection picture.

    • Multi-tenancy

      A specific mode for Managed Service Providers and diversified companies/enterprises allows dedicated areas to be assigned to different managed businesses.

Technical information

Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway

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