Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway

Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway gives you a fully integrated email system & mail security solution – including anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-phishing and more – in a single virtual appliance. It’s easy to install and manage – so you save time on day-to-day mail and mail security tasks, while we deliver award-winning security that helps you keep your business safe and boost user productivity.

  • Award-winning anti-spam

    • Innovative combination of anti-spam technologies – improves detection

      Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway combines traditional spam detection methods plus unique Kaspersky Lab technologies that help to block more spam, without generating a significant level of ‘false positives’. Technologies include:

      • Text Signature Analysis
      • Linguistic heuristics
      • DNS-based methods
      • Analysis of formal message attributes
      • Blacklisting and whitelisting
      • Graphical signature technology
      • Reputation Filtering
      • Urgent Detection System 2
      • Enforced Anti-Spam Updates Service (EASUS)
    • Cloud-assisted reputation filtering – protects against new spam

      By using reputation data – from the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network – Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway automatically ‘rates’ incoming emails. Suspicious emails are quarantined and then rechecked when updated reputation information is available – to help you guard against unknown spam, while reducing the number of ‘false positives’.

    • Malicious URL filter – blocks links to malicious and infected websites

      Our URL filter receives real-time updates about URL reputations – from the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network – to help block emails that contain links to infected websites.

    • Urgent Detection System 2 – defeats more spam

      Kaspersky Lab’s latest Urgent Detection System (UDS) technology uses a new type of signature – called a shingle – to help boost protection against new spam. UDS2 can block new spam, without requiring a 100% match between the spam message and the relevant shingle. Even modified versions of the spam message will be blocked.

    • EASUS – does more to combat ‘zero-hour’ spam

      The Enforced Anti-Spam Updates Service (EASUS) delivers real-time updates from the cloud – to help ensure your mail system is protected against the latest threats. Typically, EASUS will reduce the ‘spam update window’ from 20 minutes to less than 1 minute – to help protect your business against ‘zero-hour’ spam and spam epidemics.

    • Mass mail detection

      Flexible policies make it easy to block unwanted mass mail campaigns – including marketing mails – before they distract your users.

    Multi-layered anti-malware

    • Advanced, multi-layered anti-malware – improves detection

      Award-winning anti-malware technologies do more to protect you against known, unknown and advanced threats. Our latest anti-malware engine delivers improved scanning speed, while reducing the impact on system resources. In addition, real-time updates – from the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network – help to boost detection rates.

    • Extensive integration of heuristic technology

      Our heuristic analyzer uses ‘sandbox’ methodology to enable the analysis of potentially malicious code – to help detect new threats before a new malware signature has been added to the anti-malware database.

    • File reputation filter – blocks infected attachments

      The file reputation filter also receives real-time updates about file reputations – from the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network – to help block emails that contain malicious files

    • ‘Zero-day’ capability – enhances protection against new threats

      Unique detection technology helps you defend against unknown malware and exploits – including ‘zero-day’ attacks, ‘zero-hour’ attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

    Flexible content filtering and anti-phishing

    • Cloud-assisted anti-phishing – defends against cybercrime

      Real-time updates – from the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network – improve detection rates… so emails that contain links to phishing websites can be automatically blocked.

    • Attachment filtering – guards against suspicious attachments

      Flexible settings let you filter according to:

      • File name
      • File type
      • Message size

      … or according to individual processing rules.

      In addition to detecting and quarantining infected, suspicious and damaged files – in incoming traffic – Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway also detects and blocks password-protected files in outgoing email. Furthermore, if an error occurs during file scanning, the file will also be quarantined.

      AEP specifically monitors the most frequently targeted applications in VDI environments – including Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Java and many more – delivering an extra layer of security monitoring and protection against unknown threats.

    • Blacklisting and whitelisting – helps control incoming mail

      Users can create their own individual blacklists and whitelists of mail senders – and can manage their own quarantined mail. Mail sources can also be managed via IPv4, IPv6, wildcards and the use of regular expressions.

    • Reducing your costs and improving reliability

      Because Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway is delivered as a virtual appliance that includes:

      • Mail transfer agent
      • Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server
      • Linux operating system

      … you benefit from a fully integrated email gateway and email security system – without having to deal with compatibility issues or interdependencies. As well as simplifying implementation and helping you to control your mail and security administration costs, it can also help you to reduce your hardware costs.

      In addition – as it’s a virtual appliance – you benefit from improved fault tolerance. If you suffer a hardware failure, Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway can failover to run on another host.

    • Simplifying administration tasks

      Because the operating system, mail agent and security software are all pre-integrated, your team won’t need to have in-depth Linux skills.

      Furthermore, a single powerful Web console lets administrators control all mail management and mail security functions. By simplifying day-to-day management tasks, we help you to free up time for other projects.

      Powerful reporting functions let you generate custom logs and reports in PDF format, while rules-based traffic processing lets you process mail according to sender-recipient groups.

    • Improving productivity for your users

      By eliminating more spam, we help to prevent costly distractions for your users. However, because we also achieve a very low rate of ‘false positives’, we help to ensure relatively few legitimate emails are incorrectly identified as spam.

      In an independent test in 2015, we achieved the highest score – with a ‘spam catch rate’ of 99.97%.

      Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway has been designed to combine high throughput and high performance – to help boost efficiency for your business.

    • Preventing costly malware infections and exploits

      With real-time updates, our anti-phishing technologies help to ensure your users don’t fall prey to cybercriminals’ phishing campaigns.

      Our anti-phishing module proactively helps to block emails that contain links to phishing websites.

    • Blocking fraudsters that try to steal money and data

      With real-time updates, our anti-phishing technologies help to ensure your users don’t fall prey to cybercriminals’ phishing campaigns.

      Our anti-phishing module proactively helps to block emails that contain links to phishing websites.

    • Keeping your protection up-to-date

      Our cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) plays a central role in delivering real-time updates to your:

      • Anti-spam protection – including Enforced Anti-Spam Updates Service (EASUS) plus Reputation Filtering (for URLs)
      • Anti-malware protection – including Reputation Filtering (for files)
      • Anti-phishing protection

      … so you benefit from protection against the very latest threats that we detect.

    • Hardware

      • Free space on ESXi datastore: 100 GB
      • Memory (RAM): 4 GB
    • Software

      • VMware ESXi 6.0
      • VMware ESXi 5.5 Update 2
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