Kaspersky Security Center

KasperskySecurity Center

Kaspersky Security Center takes the complexity out of security administration and IT systems management. Fully scalable, the console supports growing businesses with changing security needs, and facilitates comprehensive systems and security management, with easy separation of administrator responsibilities – all from one unified management console which is also available as a web-based console.

Kaspersky Security Center is feature-rich:

  • A powerful administration console, with an additional flexible web-based interface that’s available wherever you are – through any static or mobile device.
  • The ‘single pane of glass’ lets you view and manage security right across your corporate environment – cloud, physical and virtual machines and mobile devices.
  • Easy deployment and security management with ready-to-use unified policies.

Whether you manage several hundred workstations or 100,000, on a centralized or distributed infrastructure or both, Kaspersky Security Center makes it easy to install, configure and manage our comprehensive security technologies. Take the pain out of scaling and activate new tools and features as the security needs of your business evolve.

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  • Automate your IT security, gain a 360° view

    Increased platform, device, software and application diversity makes life difficult for IT security managers. Complexity undermines security, and if you don't have a handle on what you've got, how can you secure it?

    Hardware discovery, software inventory and the timely patching of vulnerabilities are labor-intensive and time-consuming.

    Kaspersky Security Center helps simplify these challenges. Physical, virtual and cloud-based endpoints, mobile devices and embedded systems are all managed from one console, improving efficiency and reducing your TCO.

    • Take control of your assets, reduce costs

      Kaspersky Security Center gives you complete visibility into the hardware and software running on your network. Save on licensing costs by centrally monitoring and provisioning usage rights. Automated device detection, hardware discovery and software inventory reports help optimize resources. With Kaspersky Security Center, it's easy to track and control software licensing and hardware assets.

    • Identify and manage vulnerabilities

      The Vulnerability and Patch Management capabilities managed in Kaspersky Security Center identify possible entry points of malicious programs into your network by detecting vulnerabilities in your applications and operating systems, and blocking them before malware can cause disruption.

      Automated vulnerability assessment is based on real-time cloud intelligence into exploit activities, keeping critical patching up-to-date without impacting on systems or users. With support for 150+ software applications, Kaspersky Security Center's vulnerability monitoring provides comprehensive cover for the most widely used business applications. Once detected, vulnerabilities are prioritized and the most dangerous shut down first.

    • Automate risks mitigation

      Patches are downloaded, distributed and installed automatically whether on a physical, virtual or cloud-based machine. Optimized algorithms for Microsoft updates lower network traffic and require less disk space.

      Monitor patch installation status with reports on the progress and effectiveness of patches for third-party applications.

    Streamline routine tasks

    Kaspersky Security Center contains a wide range of IT systems management features which streamline routine IT tasks for heterogeneous networks.

    Kaspersky Security Center's extendible architecture includes plug-ins for the management of security products for every platform. If a new (or updated) product is released, the corresponding extension can be installed onto Kaspersky Security Center without having to be patched or the console reinstalled. Endpoint software distribution and deployment can be easily carried out with Kaspersky Security Center's client management tools, while centralized management is complemented by role-based access and integrated dashboards, so that each administrator can only access the tools and data relevant to their responsibilities.

    • Easy scalability

      Scale without changing your initial setup. Up to 100,000 physical, virtual and cloud-based endpoints can be managed through a single server installation of Kaspersky Security Center. One distribution point can handle up to 10,000 hosts. Master-slave hierarchies can also be created for multiple servers, where roles and rights applied to the master server are inherited by every slave server, and the master server is fully aware of every host managed by each slave.

    • Protect your data

      Centrally managed encryption capabilities provide an additional layer of security to prevent data loss caused by a malware attack or a lost device. Kaspersky Security Center enables administrators to centrally enable/disable FileVault 2.0 on Mac OS®, mobile device encryption, Kaspersky Encryption and Microsoft BitLocker® on Microsoft® Windows®. It also monitors the status of encrypted devices, reports blocked access to encrypted files and backs up encryption keys onshore to restore forgotten access credentials.

    • Optimize remote support

      Cut response times and increase efficiency with streamlined remote troubleshooting and support capabilities – connecting to client/remote computers managed in Kaspersky Security Center via RDP promotes easy diagnostics and troubleshooting of any software.

    • Seamless deployment to remote offices

      Setting up new workstations in branch offices can be done remotely and automatically. You can also roll out and schedule new applications for automatic installation after-hours. This enables the creation, storage and deployment of system images from a central location – ideal for migration to Microsoft® Windows® 10, for example.

    • Cross-platform mobile device management

      Kaspersky Security Center can manage corporate and employee mobile devices from the same console with the same efficiency. Employees can use their mobile devices safely when working away from the office, without compromising security.

    • Secure mobile working

      Manage threat protection for mobile devices from Kaspersky Security Center and gain full visibility with smart protection-level indicators. Separate corporate and personal data on user devices – including on guest devices – and enforced passwords and/or encryption of corporate data prevent leakage in the event of device theft or loss.

    • Support for employee-owned devices

      BYOD initiative? We provide easy-to-use management wizards in Kaspersky Security Center for the deployment of protection with Over the Air (OTA) provisioning technology, and enrollment consoles (Samsung KNOX)